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Typical Laptop Faults

80% of all laptop repair work we do falls into categories listed below :

SYMPTOM 1: Laptop shows no signs of life, no lights appear when power supply is plugged in with the main battery removed.

DIAGNOSIS: Either the internal or external power supply is faulty - check the obvious: a)fuse b)if you have a Volt meter - check the voltage output of any external PSU is correct & constant. If you find the ac working then you have an internal PSB (Power Supply Board) fault.

REPAIR: Should we find the fault to be your external PSU then approximate repair cost will be £50 + VAT. If the fault is internal then you will be liable to our fixed price repair fee. 99% of this type of repair do not need extra parts unless the damage is severe - we have almost 100% success in repairing these faults.

SYMPTOM 2: Laptop doesn't power on when the power button/switch is switched on - power led light lights up and not much else happens - screen does not light up.

DIAGNOSIS: Remove all removable devices such as: additional memory, battery, hard disk & try powering the system again - should you still be unable to make the laptop work then you have a motherboard or processor fault.

REPAIR: Generally this would be a motherboard fault and requires component level repair - there is also a possibility of the fault being a processor fault which would raise the cost of repair. Approx cost of repair will be fixed price repair + parts £0-200 usuallly.

SYMPTOM 3: Laptop works off the mains but will not run from a charged battery or wont charge batteries.

DIAGNOSIS: Make sure you have used a new battery - should you find this battery is not chaging or appears to be charging but system does not run from it them you have a motherboard fault.

REPAIR: Generally this would be a motherboard fault and requires component level repair - these repairs may need ICS and the cost of these may vary - usually no more than £50 - generally 90% success rate on these repairs.

SYMPTOM 4: Screen appears very dim - can vaguely make out the image or cannot see anything on the screen as the system is switched on - the HDD Led light appears to be flashing as the system is powered on.

DIAGNOSIS: Press firmly along the edge of the screen squeezing the plastic along the edge together - watch carefully for any changes on the screen - should there be no changes then it is most likely that you have an invertor board or a backlight fault if it was a cabling fault then you will see the screen appear normal for a short period of time when pressing around screen edge. It is worth plugging an external monitor into your laptop and using a combination of the FN + one of the F1 - F12 Keys to output the signal (refer to your manufacturers users guide)

REPAIR: Normally component repair to backlight invertor board sometimes screen ribbon & sometimes this could be a faulty light tube. Care though if the screen is completely black and the laptop has travelled recently - could also be broken display. - extra costs don't normally exceed £100.

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